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7/1/2011 1:39:28 PM

Posts: 86
Is there someone who attended the webinar June 30, OR a document somewhere that can fill me in on the recent upgrades that have been made? I got to the Thurs. June 30 webinar late (thanks traffic) so, naturally, I assume that I missed something important. John recapped briefly at the end but all I got out of that other than catching a glimpse of the scrolling gallery module (which looks cool btw), was that the changes were mostly organizational ...
7/1/2011 2:16:52 PM

Posts: 35
The changes are mostly organizational, but there are a few changes that can significatnly effect design and layout.
1. The Header Graphic Area is now an Editable Zone. You can continue uploading header images as before, but you can also use this section now to place Flash or other UIS modules like a content rotator, or slider image gallery. You can place text content, or use tables and place a contact form, or calendar icon, or survey poll, etc. in the Header region now.

2. The footer section page has been moved above the footer navigation. This allows you to place content you want on every page of your site above the footer navigation. This provides for more design elements placed in the footer section page.

3. The settings functions remain mostly the same, but have been re-organized to be a bit less intimidating. The Look and Feel section shows a framework display of your changes to allow you to more quickly identify and visualize the sections you are changing colors. Same with page layout tab. These changes make it easier to set up a new site, but will have little affect on existing sites as most users do not modify the settings once they have finalized them.

4. Help section About Us link now shows ProFusion not Net Solutions. This is still editable by the dealer. The background image has been removed.

5. Flash Scrolling Text has been completely removed when Flash Header is removed, eliminating an issue with sites that do not display Flash.

6. Ability to upload a Background Image as well as background color. If a user's monitor resolutons exceeds the image size, the background color will display on either side of the image for the area beyond the image size.

7. A couple of Editor/FireFox incompatability issues for dragging images and Line feeds.

8. Center Align Navigation not displaying in Safari, and Chrome on horizontal navigation.

9. Ability to turn off several functions with a single mouse click - i.e. Logo/Site Links.

10. XML sitemap upload function added.

11. Robots.txt file upload funciton added.

12. Favicon upload funciton added.

13. Google verification code upload function.

14. Admin lockout function for incorrect login attempts has been increased and improved.

Many of these features do not affect existing site but will provide more flexibility in new sites.


Home » General ProFusion Products Discussion » Info on recent upgrades

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