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Home » The Lounge » I remember something from my math class!

11/18/2010 8:25:42 AM

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transitive property of equality theory (or postulate depending on who you talk to)

Forums are as good as their users.
I seem to be the only one actually using this forum
--- therefore ---
This forum is as good as I am! (my math teacher would be so proud that I retained something from his class!)

Now seriously... I *know* me and trust me when I say - there is SO much room for improvement here.

I can see that posts are being viewed by the counters... are there no questions about anything? No one is having any problems at all? No one has ideas of things they wish that would like to see the system do in the future? There's nothing about it that really bugs the bejeebus out of you?
How about you post about something you really like about the system and why you like it? Tell me about how you sold your first site. I want to know, I really do... because we we are just now gearing up to really start pushing it. What are you doing to promote the service in your area? What works and what doesn't?

Are you traveling for the holidays? Which would you pick at the airport... pat down or body scan? Does it depend on what your TSA agent looks like? Yes, of course I'm tired of talking to myself but I can't seem to stop now.

I apologize for that last bit. It was silly.

Home » The Lounge » I remember something from my math class!

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