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11/1/2010 8:19:29 AM

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We're interested in creating a look on a site using a textured background image rather than just picking a color. When I say background, I mean the actual website window that the main content, header and footer are parked on top of.
We have an issue with a logo, which was designed to be displayed on a craft paper type textured background and it has been a real pain trying to find a set flat color that we are happy with the look of.
Here is a sample I yanked off the googles of what I am talking about as far as background goes:

From what I can see on my end of the editor, it looks like we only have control over what is in the main areas and not the outer edges. Is this something that we just supply you with the images to implement? If so, what dimensions should the images have?

Home » How to » Backgrounds and such

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